Open-eyed dreams

Looking at the pictures of artist Olga Gebhardt, you will notice immediately that, even though they are realistic, they are still different somehow: The pictures change into light and shaddow compositions.

The main subjects and objects lose their importance and instead they radiate a special kind of light. People, who have travelled south will recognise it immediately.

None of Olga Gebhardt’s work is wholly completed as if it were a photography or photographic art work. Instead she is taking us to into a world where the different motives have come together in an un-motivated manner. This gives us the chance to integrate our own fantasy and to enter into the pictures ourselves. The most interesting in this dream-like reality is the subconscience, the absurd, the expression of the lyrical and artistic manner in with it is expressed.

These stories could have taken place somewhere in the south of California. As you look at the pictured closely, you will notice that the artistic Idea is more important than the story behind it.

It is a journey from „Gipper-realism“ to „Grotesque-realism“.

Angel Panevski