I am a Russian artist named Costa Gorelov, based in Moscow. I was born on June 5, 1993 in Moscow. I received my formal education from the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting in Film Directing (Cinema). I work as an artist, director, TV production designer, and fashion stylist. In my work I explore people’s feelings and their psychological state, often depicting them through the interaction of the figure with space, items, and fashion. The last attribute is paramount to my self-expression. It is also a symbol linking epochs, times, and traditions.


I grew up in the tradition of the North German Renaissance. German music, literature, painting, culture, and language have greatly influenced me, as well as the formation of my style. The basic principles I use when creating my paintings are those of Baroque, Renaissance, and interior design. Architecture plays a primary role because it is based on stone and the golden ratio. I strive to incorporate elements of Gothic and Baroque architecture into the everyday life of my characters through bags and accessories that carry the DNA of the architectural heritage. I want to show that in spite of the change of trends and eras, the fundamental things are unshakable and unchanging.

I predominantly use the wave technique of drawing, with transparent oil to achieve the balance between transparency and color brightness. Shadows and halftones of internal lines produce smoothness of color transitions. I then dilute them with varnish and leave only the colored surface. I use the superposition of transparent colors on top of each other, adding new shades in each new layer to give them character and achieve depth. I use transparent paint because I want to be absolutely honest with my viewer; I want no borders and barriers between the viewer and the canvas. It’s one of the most important things to me.

I am interested in tearing off the character's mask opposite the mirror when a person is left alone by himself and his thoughts, yearnings, and feelings. I use sexuality and nudity as a tool to show vulnerability, insecurity, and at the same time passion and thirst for life, which are eternally inseparable. With the help of chamber scenes (in which the characters are left alone with their inner emotions) I want to talk about different degrees of accepting oneself and overcoming human complexes, pain, fears, which, on the one hand, make you feel vulnerable and helpless, and on the other, hand harden you and make you stronger.

The character can be best described as sparkling, unshakable, unchanging, honest, sexy, vulnerable, inaccessible, baroque, pure, lurking, conjuring, initiating a secret, gentle vampire or Chinatown drag-queen, a pathetic and funny native of the Middle Ages, trying to hide behind the modern creations of the luxury segment and protected by them from the evil eye or his own memories. He is Mary Magdalene or Saint Sebastian, suffering and giving peace. An earthly angel, attracting the viewers with his perfect and sexy look, nevertheless being untouchable for those that keep his wings in a Birkin Bag. This is what I have in mind when creating the image of my character.

Thank you for your attention and your trust!


2020 - Online Exhibition "Portrait" at the "Zdes na Taganke" Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2020 - Group exhibition at the "Zdes na Taganke" Gallery", Moscow, Russia

2020 - International Amsterdam Art Fair

2020 - Rave Miami Art Fair

2020 - 2021 Virtually Nepalian Nude Show

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