What’s really worth mentioning, is that the most incredible time of the artist’s life- his childhood. Bartenev spent his early years in Arctic circle. Child’s admiration of the nature of the Far North will have a major influence on his artworks, that he expresses in sculptures and ceramic objects. By using various ornaments, which are widely implemented in the artworks of the indigenous people. Bartenev is engaged in ceramics and unique decorative patterns find an embodiment in his art.

Bartenev gained his power in 90’s and became one of the brightest modern art artists. He’s very well- known for his art perfomances with moving and inflatable sculptures and changing compositions that were placed worldwide. His luminous sculpture “Connection nost” at the 54th Venice Biennale (2007) brought him more of international fame. His international recognition was established much earlier after successful exhibitions in London in 1998 and 2000, as well with the exhibitions in Germany. The sculpture “The sun pull” (2000), was constructed in the estate of American abstractionist William de Kooning and immediately became part of the collection of Bob Wilson. Bartenev’s retrospective show: “Say: I love you!” (2015) turned out to be a Bartenev’s fairyland.