Dr. Robot gallery

The idea of the project Doctor Robot gallery was created by three persons with a progressive look to the future of art.

The collaboration between art director of the Dr. Robot gallery Andrey Bartenev and director of the gallery Alexander Khromov last the history from the times of the exhibitions at the Royal festival Hall in London and Curating part of collaborative project at Expo in Hannover.

Together they organized, curated and took part in many international festivals and exhibitions, where they were representing many artists from different countries. “Andrey and I started working as an art team back in 1992. Since then we traveled all over the world, did many exhibitions, performances, etc.

A several years ago Dr. Robot joined us and we decided to open our own gallery in Valencia. He is one of our partners, who influence on us and on the artists with his ability to nonstop and hardworking. He became an enthusiast and one of the ideological creators of the gallery.

He’s also an artist of the gallery. His natural gift is to influence on the artists with fresh, bright ideas, explanation of new technologies. This let the artists feel and work with huge enthusiasm and advanced mentality.” says Alexander Khromov.

The gallery is based in the center of Valencia. The founders describe their main goal as gathering and representing current palette of contemporary artists. “We represent artists with their own unique visual language,” tells Alexander Khromov, “We plan to work with many different styles including street art.

Some of our artists have street art background. This direction of art is very close to our strategy. We select artists and help them with the technique and expression.”

Andrey Bartenev adds: “We build not only our new gallery, we realize our dream. And our crazy dream will bring us to the success. Our task is to show the audience a vivid, multifaceted selection of authors.

Among our artists are those who work in many art directions:  figurative, abstract, geometrism. There are also photographers, sculptors and even an extremely talented girl who knits pieces.